The Permare Group was established in the ’70s by the great passion for the sea of its founder Fernando Amerio.

It started as a center for technical assistance, today has come to be an excellence in the Italian shipbuilding, reaching the turning point with the series Amer, yacht designed and built entirely custom made. Created in 2000s, the Amer family includes models from 86, to 92, to 100 and 116 feet.

The Group, in addition to the construction and sale of the yachts, can boasts the storage and maintenance of the boats made in the shipyards of Sanremo Ship in Portosole and in the new shipyard  Cantieri del Mediterraneo in Bussana of Sanremo.

The Amer clients, more and more faithful over the years,  can rely on innovation, passion and tradition. None Amer is equal , each yacht expresses the owner’s personality, his history, his taste and his habits.

This is the added value of the achievements of the Permare Group that sets it apart.

To create valuable manufactores, which sometimes become real works of art, is a treasure which the Italian genius has in their own culture.